Help with complaints against NHS services in North Yorkshire

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Annual Report 2015/2016

Cloverleaf Advocacy is an independent body appointed by North Yorkshire County Council in 2013 to deliver a free, confidential NHS complaints advocacy service. It supports anyone who normally lives in North Yorkshire who needs help to deal with a concern about any NHS funded service. Our Annual Report for 2015/2016 in PDF format can be downloaded please click here  Annual Report 2015/2016...

We're here to help anyone who lives in North Yorkshire and has had a problem with any NHS service. This includes hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, ambulances or other NHS services delivered within the County of North Yorkshire or elsewhere at a hospital, clinic, in the community or at any location including prisons and private health establishments if the treatment has been paid for by the NHS. The service is provided by Cloverleaf Advocacy, a body fully independent of the NHS.

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We're here to help you understand the quality of healthcare which you have a right to expect. In a situation where this standard dips, we will help you voice your concerns, make sure that you are heard and that your questions are answered so that services are further improved to meet local needs and priorities.

We will give you the opportunity to speak confidentially to someone who is independent of the NHS. If appropriate, we can meet you in person to progress your complaint. We can help you monitor the progress of your NHS complaint and connect you to other services which might be able to help you.

Our service is entirely free; it is also completely confidential and totally discreet. Nothing you tell us will be revealed to any third party without your express permission. Click here for our confidentiality policy.

If you are unsure whether you live within North Yorkshire you can find details of your local authority by clicking here.

If you do not live within North Yorkshire and would like to find help from a similar service to this in your area click here.

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