Make a complaint

If you have had a problem with any NHS service, you normally live within North Yorkshire, and would like assistance in preparing your complaint or expressing your views, then we are here to help.

We can still support you if you normally live in North Yorkshire but used an NHS funded service outside the county, such as in Leeds.

We're Cloverleaf Advocacy, a body entirely independent of the NHS, contracted to help individuals whose complaints concern NHS services delivered within the county.

How does our service work?

First we ask you to complete a simple form, which you will find by clicking here, which helps us to understand the background relating to your compliant.

On the form, we ask what might be a convenient way and time to get in touch with you. Initially this most likely would be by phone or email though later we might suggest a face to face meeting.

It's always valuable to keep a note of all discussions, telephone calls and meetings, including dates and names of those present as well as copies of all correspondence and actions agreed.

We'll provide the help and support to make your views heard. We will guide you on the right steps to take. We will help you interpret any response and achieve a successful resolution.

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is the process which helps people - who might otherwise have difficulty to make their case - to get their views heard. Sometimes dealing with professional people or people in authority can be daunting. They have the support of administration teams and experience. Someone not used to making a complaint could be put off starting the process simply because it seems too daunting, or the paperwork would be too hard, or the process too stressful, or just an overwhelming fear that they will be 'fobbed off'.

Advocacy levels the playing field. We provide people who can listen to your point of view and help you put it into words or even draft the documents for you. We can help you identify the right people to send your complaint to and help you ensure you get an answer. We can help you interpret the answer, ask the right questions, get the responses which clarify the issue and give you resolution.

Our involvement helps the NHS too. By giving you support, we help the people who are being complained about to better understand the problem you have, and that helps drive up the quality of NHS services, improving outcomes for everyone.